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Allergy Air Filters We manufacture only the best quality products.  All our components are made in the USA.  Our air filter is manufactured by utilizing American Technology, American design and Locally built equipment and workmanship.  We thank you for supporting made in the USA products.



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  Trim To Fit Air Filters
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  Custom size air filters

Our air filters substantially reduce POLLEN, SMOKE, DUST, and LINT
more than ordinary fiberglass filters!

Unsolicited Comments From Our Customers
"Recently my father purchased a superior product (air filter) from your company. My father has suffered from allergies and other nasal problems for a long time. After getting the filter, the symptoms diminished greatly within several days. I believe this is due to the 16 x 25 x 1 air filter given to me. We are truly pleased with the product. Thank You for the outstanding product."

Just one of many satisfied customers, check out our customer satisfaction section to see what others are saying about our air filter products!

Allergy Air FiltersThe Purity Air Filter was designed by experts with over 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing High Efficiency Air Filters.

Purity Air Filter is one of the best disposable filters on the market today. Purity offers better features than more expensive, permanent, electrostatic filters.

The Performance of Purity Air Filter is further substantiated by the unsolicited comments from satisfied customers suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses. The Quality and Performance of Purity Air Filters over the last decade has generated strong customer interest and loyalty.

Purity Home products provides Air filters for Various uses. Like Home Furnaces / AC Systems, Window Air Conditioner Air Filters, Filters for Registers and Vents or Electronic Air Cleaners. We also provide Filter Grilles for Registers, Vents, and Cold Air Returns.


All components are custom made to our specifications.  Purity Filters are manufactured in Columbus, Ohio.  We are registered with UL® and submit to their audit and product testing (flammability).  Our factory has been audited by Bureaus Veritas and has been certified to meet all requirements of our corporate customers.

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