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We manufacture HIGH PERFORMANCE  furnace and air conditioning AIR FILTERS with  a unique design and science based components..  All our  Filters are MADE IN THE  USA..  Our air filters help reduce LARGE AND SMALL POLLUTANTS such as LINT, HAIR, PET DANDER,  DUST and  POLLEN, as well as smaller MICROSCOPIC POLLUTANTS such as BACTERIA,MOLD SPORES, MILDEW, and FUNGI that are invisible to the naked eye, in the filter media. The ACTIVATED CARBON MEDIA COATED MEDIA in the PURITY AIR FILTER WILL HELP REDUCE ODORS, CHEMICALS, VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOC'S) AND TOXIC GASES  from the air passing through the filter BY ADSORBING AND RETAINING THEM. The PURITY AIR FILTER has an added TACKIFIER which retains the pollutants in the filter preventing it from recirculation, providing CLEANER AIR.  The antimicobial prevents the growth of bacteria and, mold, fungi in the filter media. The uniquely designed PURITY AIR FILTER WITH AN INTERNAL STEEL WIRE-FRAME GIVES STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY (Except Trim-To-Fit Filter).  The extra material on all 4 sides of the filter is a UNIQUE feature of the filter which helps form a self-seal , preventing unfiltered air bypassing the filter, providing the home FILTERED, CLEANER AIR.

Our air filters substantially reduce POLLEN, SMOKE, DUST, LINT, ODORS, and MICROSCOPIC POLLUTANTS
more than ordinary fiberglass OR PANEL filters!

Unsolicited Comments From Our Customers

"I have been a customer of Purity Home Products for over 10 years and have used the Purity Air Filter for my central air conditioning system. Over the years, I have tried other filter products and none can compare with the effectiveness and quality of the Purity Air Filter. This product works from the day you install it to the day you replace it with a new one. Proof of the effectiveness of a Purity Air Filter is not only the quality of the filter's ability to remove household odors, but when you replace the old filter and see the "stuff" that it has removed from the air. It is amazing.

"I have found that Purity Home Products provides quality customer service and is committed to their customers. I have never had a problem with the Purity products, but have had filters damaged by the delivery company. Purity Home Products immediately sent out replacement filters to replace the damaged ones. I would recommend Purity Home Products and this product to anyone who needs an air filter that actually works as advertised and is backed up by a company that really delivers on customer service -- something that is rare to find today."

- Robert M.

Just one of many satisfied customers, check out our customer satisfaction section to see what others are saying about our air filter products!

The Purity Air Filter™ was designed by experts with over 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing High Efficiency Air Filters.

Purity Air Filter™ is one of the best disposable filters on the market today. Purity offers better features than more expensive, permanent, electrostatic filters.

The Performance of Purity Air Filter™ is further substantiated by the unsolicited comments from satisfied customers suffering from allergies and respiratory illnesses. The Quality and Performance of Purity Air Filters™ over the last decade has generated strong customer interest and loyalty.

Purity Home products provides Air filters for Various uses. Like Home Furnaces / AC Systems, Window Air Conditioner Air Filters, Filters for Registers and Vents or Electronic Air Cleaners. We also provide Filters for Registers, Vents, and Cold Air Returns.


All components are custom made to our specifications.  Purity Filters are manufactured in Columbus, Ohio.  We are registered with UL® and submit to their audit and product testing (flammability).  Our factory has been audited by Bureaus Veritas and has been certified to meet all requirements of our corporate customers.

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