A story about a customer's experience with dust in her home

Purity Customer Experience
We'd like to tell you a story.
One of our customers in Arizona was trying to replace her air filter in the air return, which was on the ceiling. When she removed the protective grille (on the air return) and tried to pull the filter out, all the accumulated dust and pollutants fell out over her head, eyes, and clothes, and on to the carpet. Besides the apparent irritation and discomfort in her eye, she began to clean herself and vacuum the carpet. Needless to say, she was disgusted. After she cleaned everything, she replaced the filter with one of our filters — a Purity Air Filter . Because of the tackifier (the adhesive on the filter which helps to keep pollutants in place as they come in contact with the filter) and the multi-layered media, the contaminants stuck to the filter as well as into the different layers of the fibers of the media.  
The customer she she realized the name brand filter she was using (which she says she purchased from a Home Improvement store) did not really help remove the contaminants or the pollutants in the air. It simply recirculated the contaminants back again into the house. When she searched the web for a better filter, she came across our web site and called and to talk to us. She was willing to give the Purity Filter ™ a try, and ordered some filters. She was amazed after installing the Purity Air Filter  a week later. The said the amount of dust and pollutants stuck to the filter media was astounding. When she removed the filter this last time, she was surprised to find that none of the accumulated dust or pollutants tumbled off of the filter.
There you have it.
She recently called to express her appreciation, and to inform us of how amazed she was at the performance of Purity Air Filter. She also mentioned that she didn't have to vacuum the floor as often because dust particles didn't seem to be falling on the carpet as frequently.
After changing the filter three or four times, the customer noticed a substantial reduction in the dust and other particulates in the house, and could feel the difference in the quality of the air in her home.