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The Importance Of Quality Air Indoors

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quality air indoors

We cannot live without air. Fresh, Clean, Air helps to keep us healthier.

You can make Indoor Air cleaner in a home by using a High Performance, High Quality, Air Filter or Air Purifiers in small rooms.

Air Purifiers are limited in that they can only help provide cleaner air in small areas. A good quality Air Filter can provide cleaner air to your whole home, Condo or Apt by removing air-borne pollutants

Purity Air Filter™, manufactured in USA since 1986, come with a unique design with internal wire frame, leaving a half-inch of extra material around the outside edges of the frame so that it "bunches" up in the filter track to make a tight seal preventing unfiltered air from entering your home through the gap between the filter and filter track.  Most filters with a cardboard or metal or plastic frame is usually 1/4"- 1/2" smaller than the filter track for the filter to slide in easily thus leaving a gap. Unlike other traditional filters, Purity Air Filter ™ is designed to fill the gap with filter media forming tight seal on all 4 sides of the filter.

Purity Air Filters™ was designed by experts with over 50 years experience in the filtration industry. It is one of the best performing disposable filters in the market today. It offers better features than more expensive, permanent or electrostatic filters or pleated filters.

Purity Air Filter™ is,

  1. Made from non-woven Polyester of different length fibers, long and short, layered to provide good airflow while capturing and retaining both large contaminants and microscopic pollutants.
  2. The Antimicrobial treated Polyester Media helps to destroy Bacteria, Fungi and Mold spores that come in contact with the media, when air passes through it.
  3. Contains a tackifier to retain the pollutants in the Filter Media preventing from recirculation.
  4. Has an activated carbon coated Polyester media to reduce smoke particles and VOC’s, Odors, toxic chemicals and gasses. (It does not remove carbon monoxide).
  5. Unlike other Filters, DO NOT have an external frame and thus no need to use any Glue that can add pollutants to the air.

Most of the Air Filters are constructed with the Filter Media glued to a cardboard frame. If degraded, Glue can add contaminates to the air. Purity Air Filter™ was designed to avoid this problem by using steel wires that are inserted between the Polyester and Activated Carbon Media.  The steel wire frame adds structural integrity to the Filter.

Purity Air Filter ™ is available in different sizes. Purity Home Products can make any custom size Filters using the same quality components

With "quality customer service and is committed to their customers" Robert M, a 10-years long customer.

Purity Air Filter is more efficient in capturing micron-sized particles when compared to fiberglass filters and washable/reusable filters. When your furnace or air conditioning is on, or if you run the fan continuously, the air circulating in your home passes through the filter and Purity Air Filter™ made with its unique design and High Quality materials, captures and retains the pollutants, providing your family cleaner air.

The Pollutants and contaminants in the air vary depending on where you live. If you live near a farm, the air may contain chemicals used in Pesticides and Fertilizers and germs from animal waste. If you live near a manufacturing plant, the air may contain various chemicals and gases released from the factory. If you live near a warehouse/distribution center/shopping mall the air may contain various gases and chemicals from the diesel fumes and exhaust from large trucks and cars. If you live near a Highway, air may contain pollutants from exhaust fumes, tires, asphalt etc.

So wherever you live, the air around you is usually polluted, more in some places than others. It is highly recommended that you use a High Performance Air Filter to reduce the pollutants in the air in your home. We suggest that you use a Filter with an Activated Carbon because it is the only natural material that can effectively adsorb various Chemicals, Odors and Toxic Gases.

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