Frequently Asked Questions About Purity Air Filters

Q: How Often Should I Change My Purity Air Filter™?
A: The recommended interval between changes is 3-6 months, depending upon which area of the country you live and your home environment. The effectiveness and efficiency of the filter depends on a number of factors, such as the location of your home, smoking, number of pets, remodeling, and clean ducts. Change your filter when there is extensive discoloration on the green/white side of the filter. For most cases, you should change your Purity Air Filter™ every 90 days.

Q: Does the Purity Air Filter™ Restrict Air Flow?
A: Purity is a high-performance filter for furnaces and air conditioners that has been designed to allow heating and cooling systems to operate within manufacturer's specifications for optimum performance. Most filters will restrict the air flow — some more than others. As more and more pollutants are captured and retained by the filter, it may begin to restrict air flow. For that reason, you should change the filter often.

Q: Can The Purity Air Filter™ Be Washed/Vacuumed For Re-Use?
A: The Purity Air Filter™ is a disposable filter for furnaces and air conditioners - you shouldn't wash or reuse it. Washing removes and reduces the special adhesive and anti-microbial that makes it so efficient in retaining and destroying micron-sized particles and micro-organisms. Vacuuming will only remove the surface contaminants; the small allergens will remain trapped in the adhesive.

Q: Has The Purity Air Filter™ Been Tested?
A: Yes, the Purity Air Filter™ has been fully tested by an independent testing laboratory. Tests show that Purity Air Filters™ removed 99% of ragweed and 97% of nettle pollen (Pollen reduction levels may vary in individual homes). Purity filter is designed to offer the consumer the efficiency of an electronic filter with the installation ease of a disposable.

Q: What's In The Air You Breathe?
A: Air consists of various gases and both small and large particles, including allergens such as ragweed and nettle pollen, dust, smoke particles, bacterial spores, fungi, lint, pet dander and vapors from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in the common household chemicals and building products. Approximately 99% of these allergens are micron-sized and are invisible to the human eye. Some of these pollutants are known to aggravate allergies, irritate your lungs and respiratory systems, and make your home dirty.

Q: How Does the Purity Air Filter™ Help Clean Indoor Air?
A: Most filters, until recently, were designed and recommended to protect furnaces and air conditioner components from accumulated dust. These filters were not highly efficient in reducing micron-sized pollutants, smoke particles, and odors. The high-performance Purity Air Filter™ was designed and developed to provide cleaner air in your home by reducing pollutants by utilizing a true 4-stage filtration process.

Q: What Is The Difference Between a Fiberglass Filter, Washable and Reusable Filters, and Purity Air Filters™?
A: When compared to Purity Air Filters, fiberglass filters and washable/reusable filters are less efficient in capturing micron-sized particles. When your furnace or air conditioning is on, or if you run the fan continuously, the air circulating in your home passes through the filter and Purity filter, by its unique design and materials used, captures and retains the pollutants, reducing airborne pollutants.

Further Questions About Our Air Filters

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