Letter from the President

What Makes the Purity Air Filter™ Stand Out From the Rest?

Dear Customer:

My name is V. Chandra and I am the President of Purity Home Products. Now, let me tell you why I think our filters are the best air filters on the market.

The Purity Air Filter™ is a four stage, high performance, disposable air filter. It is manufactured with specially treated 100% non-woven polyester fiber, impregnated activated carbon, and an internal wire frame. The white fibers in stage 1 are looser, and retain the larger particles, while the green fibers in stage 2 tighten up to catch the smaller particles. A sticky adhesive is added in stage 3, which allows the filter to catch and hold the smaller micron-sized particles that are invisible to the naked eye. Stage 4 is the activated carbon stage, which helps to reduce and remove household odors and smoke particles. The polyester fibers are treated with an antimicrobial agent which inhibits the growth of bacteria mold, mildew, and algae.

One of the features that make our air filters so efficient is their internal wire frame (except for the Trim-to-Fit filter model). Instead of an external plastic, aluminum, or cardboard frame on the filter, the wire allows air to bypass the filter, leaving a half-inch of extra material around the outside edges of the frame. This allows it to "bunch" up in the filter track to fit tight and form a self-seal. This forces the air to go through the filter rather than around it.

A second feature that adds to the efficiency of our air filters is a special sticky adhesive that's applied to the woven polyester fiber. This adhesive collects and holds the microbe particles, which prevents them from reentering your furnace or air conditioning system. This way, the particles can't recirculate back into your home. The sticky adhesive is very effective in reducing allergy-causing pollutants that contaminate air, but, unfortunately, this feature is what makes the Purity air filter is a disposable filter. Washing it would destroy the special adhesive, and vacuuming it would only remove the surface dirt. (The dirt particles would remain trapped in the adhesive.)

The life expectancy of the purity filter varies according to your individual environment and habits. Under normal conditions, since it's a disposable air filter, we suggest that you change it once per season, or approximately every 3 months. Please understand that if our filter becomes dust laden before the end of the 3-month period, it is not defective; it has simply done its job — that is, to collect contaminants. (Look at it this way, if the filter had not caught the dirt, that dirt would have passed on through your system and back into your home.) However, some customers find that the Purity filter can last longer than the standard 3-month period. Remember, as with any air filter, individual conditions will determine how long it'll last.

Installation of the Purity filter is easy. Simply remove the old filter and slide it into the filter track on your air conditioner, electronic air cleaner, vent, furnace, or register. The air enters the filter through the green/white (light) polyester and exits the filter through the black (dark) carbon. The green/white side will be the side that gets dirty; the black side will be facing the fan/motor.

V. Chandra

Buying a Purity Air Filter

Special sizes are available at a nominal additional cost. For more information, give us a call at our toll free number, 1-800-444-2072. You can also call that number to place a secureorder over the phone.