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High-Performance Filter 2 PACK + FREE SHIPPING

$ 39.95
A High efficiency, true 5-stage air filter made from 100% polyester; specially treated with anti-microbial to reduce germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi in the media; sticky adhesive to retain dust, pollen, and allergy-causing microscopic contaminants; media coated with activated carbon to adsorb odors, smoke, and chemical vapors [VOC]. Its unique design with an internal wire frame, leaving a half-inch of extra material around the outside edges of the frame so that it "bunches" up in the filter track to make a tight seal preventing unfiltered air from entering your home through the gap between the filter and filter track.  Most filters with a cardboard or metal or plastic frame is usually  1/4"- 1/2" smaller than the filter track for the filter to slide in easily thus leaving a  gap.  Purity Air Filter is designed to fill the gap with filter media forming tight seal on all 4 sides of the filter.

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